About Tim Ward

I take a pragmatic approach to helping my clients. Since having a legal issue is often a significant source of stress for a person, I focus on minimizing (or erasing) that source of stress with the work I do. Everyone’s situation is unique and their goals and values are different. Therefore, I prefer to listen to my clients concerns and wishes and help resolve their matter in a way that suits their needs. To that end, I see my role as being more of a facilitator, helping my clients make informed decisions about their legal matter, creating an outcome that best aligns with the client’s goals and values.

I graduated from William Mitchell College of Law (now known as Mitchell Hamline School of Law) in 2008. Prior to law school, I worked as a project manager at a large medical device company and, prior to that, as a software engineer for a large computer company. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota.

Over the years I’ve done legal research and/or volunteer work for numerous organizations including: The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Wills for Heroes, Simpson Housing, and Assisted Living Consumer Alliance.

Originally from upstate New York, I moved to Minnesota 37 years ago to attend college and have remained here ever since. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, basketball, and backpacking.